Researchers Database

Guidelines for Maintaining Asia Active NLP Researchers Database

(I) Preface

This database is created to let the people who are not familiar with Asia NLP researchers to search Asia candidates for various positions in organizing events. The candidates included in this database should be checked/filtered by the Asia Active NLP Researchers Database committee (abbreviated as ARDC) according to the criteria specified later. It is NOT the database for all NLP researchers in Asia (If the list is un-filtered, people thought it will be less useful). Also, the database shall only list the people who agree to be listed.

(II) Asia Active NLP Researchers Database Committee (ADRC)

This committee shall consist of three elected MAL executive members. It shall have one chair elected from them. The duties of this committee are: (1) propose/update the filtering criteria and ask the executive committee to approve it; (2) propose/update the mechanism of maintaining this database (e.g., by human, by program, or mixed) and ask the executive committee to approve it; (3) monitor the maintenance of this database; (4) check and update this guidelines to make sure that it fits the current environment and ask the executive committee to approve it.

(III) Qualification for being listed in the database

A researcher is qualified to be listed in this database when he/she meets the following two conditions.

1. He/She must be involved in NLP related R&D work (judged by ADRC), and he/she must be an AFNLP individual member.

2. His/Her current status meets the announced criteria.

(IV) Policies for Proposing/Updating Criteria

1. The criteria shall be open and put in AFNLP website (with this guideline).

2. The criteria should take both the publication record and the international activity of each candidate into account.

3. The proposed criteria shall be proposed/updated by ADRC, and must be approved by the executive committee before it is formally adopted.

History Record:

1. First Version approved at 12/26/2012.