MAL Election

  1. The MAL election for 3 Members-at-Large (MAL) will take place before the election of AFNLP Office Bearers
  2. AFNLP will announce election of MALs 2 months before the voting takes place
  3. All individual members of AFNLP are eligible to nominate and to be nominated ( see Clause 2.6.4 for qualification of individual membership, current AFNLP individual members include all participants of IJCNLP 2011).
  4. An individual member should be an active AFNLP member for at least 4 years to qualify for MAL candidacy. The nomination submission should include nominee’s name, job title, affiliation, email contact, a biography up to 500 words, an election statement up to 500 words, and two nominators.
  5. Nominations can be made by both NCAC and the AFNLP membership.  All nominations should be submitted to AFNLP Secretary 1 week before the voting takes place
  6. Candidates are to be grouped by regions so that at most 1 MAL per region is elected (See Clause 2.3).
  7. Voting for the 3 elected MALs will be carried out electronically online and managed by AFNLP Webmaster. Each individual member can vote for a maximum of 3 nominees.
  8. AFNLP secretary will announce the MAL election results.