Duties of Officers

Duties of President
Written by Jun’ichi Tsujii on 2008/10/21

  1. Throughout the year, monitor events and discussions. When issues come to some kind of consensus, ask the Secretary to call a vote, and have the results recorded. Ensure that the results conform with the Constitution.

  2. AFNLP Exec Meeting 1
    Organize the AFNLP Executive meeting early in the first year of your presidency. This should obviously have been set up earlier. Your tasks are to work with the Secretary to establish list of open issues, create an agenda for the meeting, invite participants, chair the meeting, and see that what has been decided is recorded and, later, acted out.

  3. AFNLP Exec Meeting 2
    Organize the AFNLP Executive meeting at the IJCNLP conference the year of your presidency. Your duties are as for the previous meeting, but the meeting now includes additional people, notably the Local Arrangements Committee and Conference Chairs, who are invited to attend for a portion of the meeting and give their reports. At this time, also set a time for the next AFNLP Exec meeting in the following year.

  4. AFNLP Business Meeting
    Chair the AFNLP Business Meeting at the IJCNLP conference.

Notes and comments

In general, the president’s position is something of a balancing act, between taking care of smallish issues (and getting them resolved and recorded) and thinking about the longer-term goals and directions of the Association. Now that you become president after two years of serving as VP on the Exec, you will have had time to absorb the issues and decide whether you want to focus on one or the other (generally, people don’t seem to have had time for both).

Duties of Vice President

Written by Key-Sun Choi on 2008/09/15; modified by Keh-Yih Su on 2012/06/30

  1. To promote the profile of AFNLP in the Asian region and in the international community
  2. To oversee the SIG activities
  3. To be the CCC chair (please see associated duties under CCC category)

Duties of General Secretary

Written by Keh-Yih Su on 2008/09/15

  1. Administer and oversee the AFNLP election (*recommendation is made by NCAC).
  2. Maintain and update AFNLP policies and procedures.
  3. Maintain AFNLP constitution
  4. Record minutes at Executive meeting and Board Meeting held at IJCNLP (every two years)
  5. Set up agendas for the executive and the board meetings
  6. Arrange with local organizers to organize various meetings at the IJCNLP conference
  7. Interact with officers to remind them of tasks to be done.
  8. Check and Review AFNLP Executives Yearly Progress in each year.
  9. Handle AFNLP correspondence.

Duties of AFNLP treasurer

Written by Kam-Fai Wong on 2008/09/15

  1. Book keeping of AFNLP account.

  2. Main income of AFNLP comes from IJCLP. Every year, the treasurer will work with the IJCNLP treasurer to work out the budget of the conference in that year.

  3. Suggest usage of AFNLP surplus.

Duties of the Chair of CCC

Written by Yuji Matsumoto on 2008/10/13

The generic timetable for organizing the conference to be conducted by the Conference Coordinationg Committee (months in advance from the next IJCNLP)

Months Out Activity Notes
8 Draft of the Call-for-bids for the new IJCNLP host and venue For the IJCNLP to be held in 3 years
Procedure is described in the Chapter of CCC
7 Call-for-bids to be approved by CCC members
6 Election of the new CCC chair starts Nomination of the candidates from the CCC members
Detailed procedure is described in the Chapter of CCC
6 Announcement of Call-for-bids for the new IJCNLP host and venue
3 Deadline of the new IJCNLP bids
3 Decision of the new CCC chair
2 Selection of candidate bids for the new IJCNLP Selection of at most three candidates
2 Selection and appointment of new CCC members 1) Representatives of international conferences
2) Representatives of regional associations
3) Regional representatives and senior experts
1 Deadline for final bids
1 Announcement of the CCC meeting to be held during the IJCNLP Announcement to be sent to the current and new members
Circulate the (at most) three candidate bids to the current members
0 CCC meeting during IJCNLP Attended by the current and new CCC chairs and the current CCC members
May attended by new CCC members as an observer
Presentation by the IJCNLP bidders and selection by the current CCC members
0 Announcement of the next IJCNLP host and venue Announcement to be done at the closing session of IJCNLP

Duties of the Chair of ALRC

Written by Virach Sornlertlamvanich on 2008/07/08

  1. ALR Workshop
    Take initiative in setting up ALR Workshop in every other year. This is to consider as an attaching workshop to a major conference such as IJCNLP. It involves setting up the workshop and program chairs. The process should start at the latest as soon as the call for workshop proposal has been announced, so that the workshop and program chairs can be announced at the appropriate time. The Chair must interact with the workshop chair to ensure that the workshop preparations are proceeding smoothly.

  2. LR catalogue
    Throughout the year, monitor and maintain the LR catalogue up to the date.

Duties of the Chair of CLC

Written by Haizhou Li on 2008/07/15

  1. Maintain AFNLP’s official website: www.afnlp.org.
  2. Maintain AFNLP’s mailing lists.
  3. Edit and disseminate AFNLP newsletter.
  4. Promote the profile of the AFNLP in the international community.
  5. Facilitate communication among members of the AFNLP and researchers in the region.
  6. Maintain official records of activities of the AFNLP such as proceedings of academic
    gatherings in the region, minutes of AFNLP meetings.


  1. Edit and disseminate AFNLP newsletter 2-4 issues annually in January, April, July,
  2. Update AFNLP Website in January, April, July, October.
  3. Archive IJCNLP conference website and proceedings one month after IJCNLP
  4. Archive AFNLP meeting records one month after AFNLP meetings.
  5. Update AFNLP Exco, Board and committee mailing lists one week after election.
  6. Update AFNLP newsletter mailing list one month after IJCNLP conferences.
  7. Promote AFNLP’s profile in major NLP conferences, such as ACL, COLING, and LREC.