Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing

The Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (hereafter abbreviated as AFNLP) associations is to promote information dissemination and research co-operation among researchers in the region and co-ordinate initiatives of the region with those of the other regions in Natural Language Processing and the related fields. AFNLP works towards promoting and enhancing research and development relating to the computational analysis and the automatic processing of all languages of importance to the Asian region without regard to differences in race, gender, language, religious belief or political stand, by assisting and supporting like-minded organizations and institutions through information sharing, conference organization, research and publication coordination, and other forms of support in consonance with the mission of AFNLP. The official members of the AFNLP are either professional associations or research institutions/universities in countries or territories of the region, which represent researchers in the countries/territories or which take on the responsibility of representing them. We also welcome other organizations, such as organizers of conferences in the region, international professional bodies, professional associations of research fields related with NLP etc., to join us as liaison members.