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Call for Proposal for AFNLP SIGs

Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (AFNLP) hereby invites proposals for AFNLP Special Interest Groups (SIGs) according to our new constituent. The function of a SIG is to encourage interest and activity in specific areas within the AFNLP and to create a platform for individual researchers from Asia including linking with related areas by such means as workshops, newsletters, etc. The existing regional conferences in Asia can be a good candidate to contribute to a SIG, so we encourage all regional conferences to apply as an AFNLP SIG.

A group interested in becoming a SIG should submit a written proposal to the AFNLP Secretary for consideration by the executive committee. The proposal should satisfy relevant guidelines for AFNLP SIGs ( and should also explicitly state why it would be desirable to be such a SIG for the AFNLP.

The SIG proposal should contain:
- A statement of purpose
- List of initial interested people (identify a liaison representative)
- A SIG website
- A SIG workshop plan
- A constitution to be approved by the executive committee

Proposals are received continuously without any specific deadline. It will be evaluated and approved by the AFNLP Executive Committee in due course when it is received.
The guideline and model constitution of AFNLP SIGs is at:

Information about AFNLP in general can be found at:

Please send draft proposals electronically to AFNLP secretary: Haizhou Li (




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