Main Papers

IJCNLP-AACL 2023 invites the submission of long and short papers featuring substantial, original, and unpublished research in all aspects of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. Some of the presentations at the conference will be of papers accepted by the Transactions of the ACL (TACL) and by the Computational Linguistics (CL) journals.

ARR commitment and Direct submission

IJCNLP-AACL2023 accepts papers from both Softconf START (direct submission) and ARR. 

* The ARR commitment form will be announced after the direct submission deadline.

Important Dates

Anonymity period for papers submitted through START: April 23, 2023
Direct paper submission deadline:May 23, 2023
Author response period:August 2-9, 2023
Commitment deadline for ARR papers:August 15, 2023
Notification of acceptance:  September 4, 2023
Withdrawal deadline:September 11, 2023
Camera-ready papers due:September 20, 2023
Tutorials/Workshops:November 1, 2023
Main Conference: November 2-4, 2023
All deadlines are 11.59 pm UTC-12 (“anywhere on Earth”).

Submission Topics

See IJCNLP-AACL 2023 Submission Topics.

Paper Types and Formats

Long papers must describe substantial, original, completed, and unpublished work. Wherever appropriate, concrete evaluation and analysis should be included. Long papers may consist of up to 8 pages of content, plus unlimited pages of references and appendices. 

Short paper submissions must describe original and unpublished work. Please note that a short paper is NOT a shortened long paper. Instead, short papers should have a smaller yet focused contribution with a sufficient level of detail. Short papers may consist of up to 4 pages of content, plus unlimited pages of references and appendices. 

Final versions of long and short papers will be given one additional page of content (up to 9 pages for long and 5 pages for short), so that reviewers’ comments can be taken into account.


IJCNLP-AACL 2023 will have the following awards.

  • Best Paper Award
  • Outstanding Paper Award
  • Area Chair’s Award
  • Social Impact Award
  • Resource Award

Paper Formatting

Both long and short papers must follow the ACL 2023 two-column format, using the supplied official style files. Submissions that do not conform to the required styles, including paper size, margin width, and font size restrictions, will be rejected without review.

To guarantee conformance to publication standards, we will be using the ACL Pubcheck tool. The PDFs of camera-ready papers must be run through this tool prior to their final submission, and we recommend its use also at submission time.

Paper Submission Process

IJCNLP-AACL2023 offers a hybrid submission format with respect to ACL Rolling Review (ARR). Authors will choose either submit directly through the Softconf START conference management system or ARR (but not both). 

A paper may not be simultaneously under review through ARR and IJCNLP-AACL 2023. A paper that has or will receive reviews through ARR may not be (directly) submitted for review to IJCNLP-AACL 2023.

Direct Submission through the Softconf START

All authors need to have Softconf profiles (i.e., all authors need to register to Softconf), which are mandatory to identify COIs.  

The papers submitted directly through the Softconf START will have the “regular” review process: a paper is reviewed by 3 reviewers, and authors are invited to write an author response and revise their paper before the camera-ready deadline if the paper is accepted.

Submission through ARR

ARR papers committed to IJCNLP-AACL 2023 will be handled by the Senior Area Chairs. For these papers, the authors need to provide the mandatory “Limitations” section as an attachment if it is missing from the ARR submission; see below. 

To be considered by IJCNLP-AACL 2023, ARR papers need to be submitted to ARR and obtain all its reviews and meta-review by the commitment deadline. These papers cannot be modified after receiving reviews and meta-review to be committed. They also cannot be revised and re-submitted to ARR for a new review cycle while they are considered by IJCNLP-AACL 2023.

If you have submitted a paper to ARR but do not want to use the review result of ARR, it must be inactive in the ARR system in order for the paper to be submitted directly to IJCNLP-AACL 2023.

Paper Submission Policies


The author list for submissions should include all (and only) individuals who made substantial contributions to the work presented. The list of authors (including the order) may not be changed after submission with no exceptions.

Anonymity Period

The direct submissions may not be made available online (e.g. via a preprint server) in a non-anonymized form after April 23 11:59 PM UTC-12:00 (for arXiv, note that this refers to publication time, NOT submission time). Non-anonymous preprints that were published before the start of the anonymity period may not be updated until IJCNLP-AACL2023 notifications come out. The existence of non-anonymous preprints must be disclosed in the submission form.

Anonymization for Double-blind Review

See the ARR Instructions for Two-Way Anonymized Review

The submissions should avoid links to non-anonymized repositories: the code should be either submitted as supplementary material or as a link to an anonymized repository (e.g., Anonymous GitHub or Anonym Share). Please avoid any links to storage services like Dropbox (which may track the reviewers downloading the resources). Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without review.

Citation and Comparison

See the ACL guidelines.

Supplementary Materials (Optional)

See the ARR Optional Supplementary Materials policy

Mandatory Discussion of Limitations

Following ACL 2023, IJCNLP-AACL2023 also requires all papers to have a “Limitations” section. The “Limitations” statement can be placed after the conclusion but before the references and will not count toward the page limit. 

See the ACL2023 “Mandatory discussion of limitations” instructions.   

Ethics Statement

All the papers published at IJCNLP-AACL2023 must comply with the ACL Code of Ethics. We encourage authors to include an explicit ethics statement on the broader impact of the work, or other ethical considerations. The ethics statement can be placed after the conclusion but before the references and will not count toward the page limit.

Responsible NLP Checklist

IJCNLP-AACL 2023 submissions are required to submit the Responsible NLP checklist.
The checklist templates (LaTex and Word, with a fillable PDF form as last resort) can be found here.

Multiple Submission Policy

IJCNLP-AACL 2023 precludes multiple submissions. IJCNLP-AACL 2023 will not consider any paper that is under review in a journal or another conference at the time of submission, and submitted papers must not be submitted elsewhere during the review period. In addition, we will not consider any paper that overlaps significantly in content or results with papers that will be (or have been) published elsewhere, without exception.

Ethics Policy

Authors are required to honor the ethical code set out in the ACL Code of Ethics. We ask that all authors read the code, and ensure that their work is conformant to this code. Authors are encouraged to devote a section of their paper to concerns about the ethical impact of the work and to a discussion of the broader impacts of the work, which will be taken into account in the review process.

Should the reviewers still have concerns about the ethical aspects of a given submission, it may be passed on to the ethics committee for extra ethics review. IJCNLP-AACL 2023 reserves the right to reject papers on ethical grounds, where the authors are judged to have operated counter to the code of ethics or have inadequately addressed legitimate ethical concerns with their work.

Program Chairs

Contact: ijcnlp-aacl-2023-pc [at]

  • Yuki Arase, Osaka University (Japan) 
  • Baotian Hu, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (China)
  • Wei Lu, Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore)