ARR and Softconf

Q: Does every author need to have a Semantic Scholar profile?

A: Generally, yes, any author that has any publications should have a Semantic Scholar profile. If an author does not have such a profile because they do not have any publications yet (not even arXiv preprints) it is okay to put “n/a” in the semantic scholar profile field.

Q: How big can my submission be? 

A: For the paper PDF, 10MB; for the software, 50MB; for the data, 50MB. 

Q: I uploaded an unnecessary file (e.g., supplementary material) to Softconf and I can’t delete it. What do I do?

A: Due to a limitation of SoftConf, it’s easiest to just upload a PDF that just says “no XXX ( e.g., supplementary material)”. 

Q: My paper was reviewed by ARR but I want to submit it directly to this conference. Is that allowed?

A: In order for a paper to be submitted directly to IJCNLP-AACL 2023, it must be inactive in the ARR system. This means that the submission must either be explicitly withdrawn by the authors, or the ARR reviews are finished and shared with the authors before the submission deadline, and the paper was not re-submitted to ARR.

Q: Do I have to submit to Softconf if I commit from ARR?

A: No, you do not have to. Just commit directly through the same Softconf system. We will make the submission page ready after the direct submission deadline.

Q: My paper has been reviewed by ARR and I intend to commit to this conference; can I post it to ArXiv?

A: In this case, there are two anonymity periods: one starting a month before the ARR deadline until the reviews are received and one starting a month before the ACL commitment deadline. As long as you are outside these two periods (e.g., you have ARR reviews and are before the commitment deadline), you can post a preprint.

Paper Formatting

Q: My draft does not pass the formatting test even though using the standard conference template and ACL Pubcheck.

A: For using the verification script, one should not use the review mode. More concretely, the validation script checks to make sure that there’s nothing in the margins. The extra numbers to aid reviewing violates the checker. After you pass the check, make sure you turn it back to the review mode. Otherwise, your paper will be desk rejected.

Q: I uploaded a wrong version of the paper. Can you upload the correct version for me?

A: Unfortunately, no, it is not allowed for the fairness of the submission process.

Q: I forgot to add the “Limitations” section to my submission.

A: Unfortunately, all submissions without the “Limitations” section will be desk rejected.

Q: I got the error: The page size of this PDF is different from A4, which is not allowed by the submission guidelines.

A: First, make sure you are using the official submission templates. If you are not, this problem is typically the result of using “Print to PDF” (e.g., from the Word template) and specifying a different page size other than A4.

Q: Can you look over my submission to make sure it’s okay?

A: It is authors’ responsibility to ensure a submission follows the guidelines and satisfies the requirements.  

Paper Submission Policies

Q: How can I cite/refer to unpublished work?

A: Papers should not refer for further detail to documents that are not available to the reviewers. If important citations are not available to reviewers (e.g., awaiting publication), these paper/s should be anonymised and included in the appendix.

Q: Can I dual-submit my work to a non-archival workshop?

A: Yes, however, make sure that this does not violate the anonymity policy by making a new revision of your paper available online.

Q: Can I dual-submit my work to a refereed conference if that conference allows multiple submissions?

A: No, you cannot dual-submit to referred conferences. Your submission to IJCNLP-AACL 2023 must be withdrawn at the time you submit to that conference. 

Q: Is it OK to talk about my work (e.g. at a workshop) during the anonymity period?

A: Yes, you can talk in small venues about your work, but be careful not to publish a non-anonymized draft of the work and please do not publicize it widely (e.g. on social media, blog about this work, or have it covered in the media during the anonymity period).

Q: Can I dual-submit my work to a conference/workshop where the work will be included in non-refereed proceedings volumes?

A: Yes. However, make sure that you do not post a preprint by yourself. In addition, you are asked not to advertise a non-anonymous preprint on social media or take other actions that would further compromise double-blind reviewing during the anonymity period. See the “Submission” section of ACL Policies for Submission, Review and Citation

Q: Can I correct author names of non-anonymous preprints during the anonymity period?

A: Yes, correcting names is only exception allowed as update during the anonymity period, in which case the PC chairs should be notified per ACL policy.

Q: Can I post anonymous preprints after the start of the anonymity period?

A: Anonymous preprints (e.g. on ARR) can be posted after the start of the anonymity period, but likewise should not be advertised by their authors or their close colleagues, as that can compromise the review process.