Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing and the 3rd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics


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pdf bib Language and Robotics: Toward Building Robots Coexisting with Human Society Using Language Interface
Yutaka Nakamura, Shuhei Kurita and Koichiro Yoshino
pp. 1‑7
pdf bib Current Status of NLP in South East Asia with Insights from Multilingualism and Language Diversity
Alham Fikri Aji, Jessica Zosa Forde, Alyssa Marie Loo, Lintang Sutawika, Skyler Wang, Genta Indra Winata, Zheng-Xin Yong, Ruochen Zhang, A. Seza Doğruöz, Yin Lin Tan and Jan Christian Blaise Cruz
pp. 8‑13
pdf bib Practical Tools from Domain Adaptation for Designing Inclusive, Equitable, and Robust Generative AI
Anthony Sicilia and Malihe Alikhani
pp. 14‑22
pdf bib Editing Large Language Models
Ningyu Zhang, Yunzhi Yao and Shumin Deng
pp. 23‑28
pdf bib Learning WHO Saying WHAT to WHOM in Multi-Party Conversations
Jia-Chen Gu, Zhuosheng Zhang and Zhen-Hua Ling
pp. 29‑34
pdf bib Developing State-Of-The-Art Massively Multilingual Machine Translation Systems for Related Languages
Jay Gala, Pranjal A. Chitale and Raj Dabre
pp. 35‑42

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