The Third International Joint Conference
on Natural Language Processing

January 7-12, 2008, Hyderabad, India

Instructions for Camera-Ready Copy

The camera-ready copy of the accepted paper should follow the requirements in ijcnlp08.pdf. These instructions are for authors of papers accepted by the IJCNLP 2008 main conference and workshops as oral or poster papers. Some general guidelines and a check list is summarized as follows.

General Guidelines

Authors are strongly recommended to use the style files provided here. It is very important to specify US Letter format. The maximum length of a manuscript is eight (8) pages for main conference oral papers, six (6) pages for poster papers. The page limit has to be strictly observed. DO NOT include page numbers. They will be generated when compiling the proceedings. All camera-ready manuscripts should look like the sample PDF file (ijcnlp08.pdf), which also contains detailed formatting requirements. A quick check list for style requirements that conform to the specifications is provided here.

Camera-Ready Copy Submission Due

  • Main Conference: October 15, 2007.
  • Workshops: November 16, 2007.

Check List for Style

Here is a list of the most important stylistic features to be checked before you submit your final camera-ready copy.
  1. Paper size: US Letter.
  2. Number of columns: two (mostly).
  3. Margins: as specified in ijcnlp08.pdf.
  4. Number of pages: 8 for oral and 6 for poster (unless specifically specified).
  5. Page numbers and running headers: DO NOT supply.
  6. Non-English characters: embed all fonts
  7. Non-English terms: supply transliteration or translation or both as appropriate as possible.
  8. Font sizes, types, styles and line spacing: as specified.
  9. Tables, Figures, Equations, Images: make small details clearly visible and add captions.
  10. References: sort in ascending order and do not miss required information.
  11. Grammar: check common mistakes such as spelling, use of articles, determiners, singular/plural forms, agreement check.
  12. Paper format: PDF.

Style Files

IJCNLP 2008 Camera-Ready Copy

LaTeX (from ACL 2007)

Word (from ACL 2007)

All in one (from ACL 2007)

About Copyright

The IJCNLP 2008 Program Committee needs the authorization from the authors in order to include their papers in the Proceedings and CD-ROM and archive the papers on the web.

When the corresponding author submits the camera-ready copy of the accepted paper to the IJCNLP 2008 Program Committee through the electronic submission system, the corresponding author will be asked to upload (*) a signed e-copy of a non-exclusive "IJCNLP Copyright Transfer Agreement" on behalf of all authors. (* Some workshops may ask the authors to submit the e-copy via email independently.)

The corresponding author is therefore responsible to confirm with all the co-authors (and probably their employers) for the appropriate authorization.

The e-copy of the Copyright Transfer Agreement can be derived from the downloadable Copyright Transfer Form at the bottom of this page.

The corresponding author should fill this form, sign it and create an e-copy (e.g., in JPG or GIF format with a scanner or digital camera) for uploading to the submission system.

The above signed paper copy of the Copyright Transfer Agreement should then be sent to the Program Committee Chair (of the Main Conference or your workshop) to make the official copyright transfer effective.

The authors are urged to send the signed paper copy as soon as the notification of acceptance is received, since it takes a few days for delivery through international express mail.

Either the e-copy or the paper copy of the copyright transfer forms should be received before the due date of the camera ready copy by the Program Committee Chair. Otherwise, the paper might not be included in the proceedings of the main conference or workshops.

Check the mailing address and email address of your PC Chair in the notification of acceptance letter or other notifications. If you have any problems regarding the submission of the copyright transfer form, contact your program chair as soon as possible.

"IJCNLP Copyright Transfer Agreement"

The copyright to this article is transferred, to the extent transferable, to the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (AFNLP) effective when the article is submitted for publication.

The corresponding author warrants that his/her contribution is original and that he/she has full power to make this grant.

The corresponding author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors.

The copyright transfer covers the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article, including the publication in printed and electronic forms (offline or online) and any other reproductions of similar nature, on a not-for-profit basis for academic purposes.

Under such authorization, the article may also be archived, indexed, abstracted and referenced by any third parties authorized by the AFNLP to provide abstracting, archiving and related information services on not-for-profit and academic bases.

Copyright Transfer Form

Please download the form, signed it and create an e-copy of the form. Send the signed paper copy via ordinary mail to your Program Committee Chair (of the main conference or your workshop) ASAP. And, upload the e-copy of the form, for confirmation, while submitting your final camera-ready copy through the submission system. One of these forms must be received before the camera-ready copy due in order to ensure the publication of the paper in the proceedings.

For Main Conference Authors

To upload the camera-ready copy of your paper and the e-copy of the Copyright Transfer Form, you will need your passcode sent to you with the notification email, and use the following submission page:


The signed paper copy of the Copyright Transfer Form should be sent to:

Prof. Yuji Matsumoto
Graduate School of Information Science
8916-5 Takayama, Ikoma
Nara 630-0192 Japan

For Workshop Authors

Some workshops may not provide an upload mechanism for you to upload your e-copy of the Copyright Transfer Form in the camera-ready copy submission process. Most likely, you may be asked to send the signed e-copy via email to your Program Committee Chair. In this case, a subject line of the form:

"IJCNLP-08: Copyright Transfer Form (PaperID, YourName)"

will be helpful for sorting the forms.

Registration for the Conference

At least one of the authors of each paper should register for the main conference before the earlybird deadline (December 7th). Papers failing this requirement will not be included in the Proceedings nor be archived in the ACL Anthology.

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