The Third International Joint Conference
on Natural Language Processing

January 7-12, 2008, Hyderabad, India

Asian Fund Support

The Asian Fund - Nagao Fund (AFNF) Conference Participation Award is to enable researchers from developing countries to attend and present their NLP research efforts at IJCNLP 2008 in Hyderabad, India. Association of Natural Language Processing of Japan (ANLPJ) has generously supported Asian Fund with a matching donation from the Nagao Fund, to set up the Asian Fund - Nagao Fund for IJCNLP-2008 as part of the Federation’s efforts to promote NLP research relevant to Asian languages. The AFNF plan to support participation, by providing registration subsidies to attendees.


All those who are affiliated to institutions in a developing country in Asia will be eligible to apply. Those employed in commercial organisations are not eligible; those from academic and not-for-profit R&D organisations may apply.


  • Financial support will be restricted to reduction in registration fee for the conference and other events like workshop, etc.

  • A limited number of shared occuppancy hostel rooms are available for those requiring support for accommodation as well. Those requiring higher class accommodation should make their own arrangements. If you want to use this facility, this must be explicitly requested. By default, no provision for accommodation will be made.

  • Support for travel will not be possible.

  • Fund support will be limited to 75% of the fee payable towards registration for conference, tutorials and workshops. The total amount per applicant will not exceed Rs 30,000 (thirty thousand).



Apply providing as much relevant detail/information as possible. Last date of application: 30th November, 2007.

Applicants should submit the notification of acceptance from the IJCNLP-2008 main conference or one of the workshops. Include the exact title and list of authors of the paper. In cases where the applicant is not the lead author, a statement should be included on his/her contribution and an endorsement by the lead author, who should indicate whether the applicant will present the paper partially or wholly.

If you have no paper, enclose a document outlining your work in the NLP area including a list of recent publications and projects you were involved in.


Allocation of funds will be made by a committee. The first round of allocations will be announced on 7th December 2007. Requests received after this will be handled as they come, subject to availability of funds.

Allocation will consider the perceived need, applicant's level of participation in the conference, amount of support requested, etc.

Applications will have priority as follows:

  1. Authors of regular papers accepted in the conference
  2. Authors of poster papers accepted in the conference
  3. Authors of workshop papers accepted
  4. PhD scholars pursuing research in NLP
  5. Other participants (those with justifiable interest in NLP will be preferred)

Among authors, students will be preferred to others. Only one author for a paper will be considered for support under this scheme.


Send all requests to: asianfund@ijcnlp2008.org

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