The Second International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-05)
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Workshop 1:
Fourth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing (SIGHAN4)

Date: October 14 and 15

Building on previous successful workshop and segmentation bakeoff activities, the Fourth SIGHAN workshop at IJCNLP-05 in Korea will provide an opportunity to bring  together again  Chinese language researchers from around the world.
The workshop will provide a  platform that allows easy exchange of information and data and the comparison of different approaches to various NLP tasks.

The first day  of the workshop will present papers on all aspects of Chinese language processing, including but not limited to:

* word segmentation,
* POS tagging,
* parsing,
* lexical semantics,
* word sense disambiguation,
* lexicon acquisition,
* corpus development,
* discourse processing,
* generation,
* cross-lingual information retrieval, and
* machine translation.

The second day of the workshop will present results from the Second International Chinese Segmentation Bakeoff to be held in the summer of 2005, organized by Tom Emerson (Basis Technology, Corp.) and Jianfeng Gao (Microsoft Research).
Information, including information on the task and important dates, will be made available on the SIGHAN website (

Workshop home page address:


Workshop 2:
The 5th workshop on Asian Language Resources (ALR-05)

Date: October 14

The 5th workshop on Asian Language Resources is organized under the auspices of the Asian Language Resources Committee of AFNLP and will be held in conjunction with IJCNLP2005.
The purposes of this workshop are (1) to investigate the situation of Asian Language Resources, and to make a catalog of the result of this investigation; (2) to investigate and discuss the problems related to the standards and specification on creating various levels of language resources; (3) to promote communications between developers and users of various language resources in order to fill the gap between language resources and practical applications; (4) to launch a roadmap for Asian Language Resources.

We welcome papers concerning:

Infrastructure for constructing and sharing language resources;
Meta data for resource classification and discovery;
Exchange and annotation schemata;
Exchange formats;
Standards or specifications for language resources;
Standards or specifications for content management;
Language resources for basic NLP tasks;
Language Resources for HLT applications;
Text corpora;
Machine-readable dictionaries;
Strategies and priorities for EU-US and Asian cooperation, etc.

The workshop will be held on October 14, 2005 (Friday).
Welcome to ALR-05.

Workshop home page address:


Workshop 3:
The Third International Workshop on Paraphrasing (IWP2005)

Date: October 14

Paraphrases are alternative ways to convey the same information. As having been claimed by an increasing number of researchers, technology for generating and recognizing paraphrases can potentially benefit a broad range of NLP tasks.  Motivated by this background, we organized international workshops on automatic paraphrasing in 2001 and 2003. As both workshops attracted attention and successfully finished, we will hold the third workshop with IJCNLP-05.
The goals of the workshop are to connect with a broader range of research activities related to automatic paraphrasing, and to place the workshops in a series with the aim of establishing a new research field.  The theme of the previous workshop in the series was the automated acquisition of paraphrase.  A particular topic of interest for this workshop, then, is the issue of constructing paraphrase-related resources that would follow from this automated acquisition: What should these look like? How would dictionaries and corpora of automatically acquired paraphrases be defined?

Home page address:


Workshop 4:
6th International Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora (LINC-2005)

Date: October 15

This is a conference for compilers and users of linguistically annotated corpora.  The aim of the workshop is to exchange and propagate research results with respect to the annotation, conversion and exploitation of corpora taking into account different applications and theoretical investigations in the field of language technology and research.

We invite submissions of papers on all aspects of linguistically interpreted corpora, including, but not limited to: - creation of practical annotation schemes - efficient annotation techniques - automation of corpus annotation - tools supporting corpus conversions - validation including consistency checking of corpora - browsing corpora and searching for instances of linguistic phenomena - interpretation of quantitative results - automatic induction of linguistic competence through machine learning techniques.

As this is the first time the workshop will be held outside Europe, we particularly welcome work on non-European languages and the problems associated with them - segmentation, spelling variation, different encodings and so forth.

Workshop home page address:


Workshop 5:
OntoLex 2005 - Ontologies and Lexical Resources

Date: October 15

OntoLex 2005 will be the fourth workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases. The workshop is open to any research contribution dealing with the relation between ontologies and lexicons.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Design principles and methodologies for ontologies and semantic lexical resources, with a special focus on Asian languages
- Evaluation, comparison, mapping and integration of ontologies and lexical semantic resources
- The role of ontologies in the development of Inter-Lingual-Index (ILI)
- Applications of ontologies and lexical semantic resources in Information Retrieval and Information Extraction
- Use of ontologies and lexical resources in Semantic Web applications
- Role of lexical semantic resources in ontology learning
- Ontology-based query expansion techniques
- Ontologies and multi-lingual lexical resources
- Ontologies and lexical resources for meaning negotiation

Workshop home page address:

- ALR-05
- IWP2005
- LINC-2005
- OntoLex 2005